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5 Unique ways to express gratitude

5 Unique ways to express gratitude

Be your best self with these 5 powerful ways to deepen your gratitude.

There’s probably more things than you realize that are great blessings in your life. Maybe life is going good for you right now & you know you need to be grateful, but you don’t exactly know how… 

Maybe things aren’t going the way you want them to… do you still have things to be grateful for…?


Here’s some very unique ways to express your gratitude. 

I know when I focus on gratitude I always seem to be happier.


#1. Write handwritten thank you notes. 

Throughout all of 2021 I wrote a thank you note every single day. I'd write them to my family, friends & I even wrote one to myself once. This is something that many people greatly appreciated and loved. This also pushes you to look outside yourself more & focus on others.


#2. Keep your room clean. (And all of the things you have). 

This applies for more than just your bedroom! Keep good care of the things that you have! What better way to show appreciation for the things that you have by keeping good care of them? 


 #3.  Prayer / Meditation.

It can be easy to get into the repetition of things. 

I’ll find myself repeatedly saying 

“I’m grateful for my family”

“I’m grateful for my friends…” etc. 

Obviously I am grateful for my family and friends, however during these prayers, I found that they didn’t have any meaning to them. 

Here’s some bonus tips to help

- Picture your life without that person/thing. 

- Remove all distractions.

- Find a quiet place.

#4. Listen more

Everyone wants and needs to be heard. What better way to show your appreciation for someone by truly listening to them? Focus on what they are saying instead of thinking before hand what you are going to respond with. Let them talk about themselves. 

#5. Be someone’s hype person

Celebrate their accomplishments! If they have achieved something important to them, be happy for them rather than thinking why you haven’t been able to do that, or how they seemed to accomplish that so much easier than you did. Focus on seeing the good in your family and friends, get them excited about that date that they are going to go on. Be their hype person & #1 supporter. 



Hear me talk about gratitude with Mason Begay in our podcast “Decade of decisions” listen here.





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Becca calendar_today

Thank you, I really needed this today! Keep the content coming :)

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